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Eco-Chic: Crafting Your Stylish, Sustainable Wedding

Erin Reynolds
Planning a wedding that is both mindful of the environment and stunningly elegant is not only feasible but also deeply rewarding. A celebration that merges ecological responsibility with exquisite taste sets the stage for a meaningful union. Here, we guide you through the essential aspects to consider when planning your eco-friendly wedding without compromising on sophistication or allure. Choose Eco-Friendly Attire Choosing wedding attire that is both eco-friendly and stylish is easier than you may think. Look for fabrics that are not only beautiful but also sustainable, such as organic...

How to Stay Positive and Meet Your Soulmate

Jill Crosby
How do we stay positive during times of turmoil and unrest?   Sometimes it can be challenging to keep your vibration high and to stay positive, especially in what seems like great times of change and upheaval, however, staying positive is a key factor in creating the NOW that you choose to experience.   When you can stay calm and in your heart you can help those in need and also benefit the collective consciousness, which we are all a part of. When you silence your mind and connect with the present moment you connect...

World Vision of Humanity Waking Up

Jill Crosby
The following is a vision that I received in October, 2011. It came to me in the evening before going to sleep while lying in bed. It was if I was actually there, living it. I don't know what created this mass awakening, however, it was very vivid and beautiful. When I came back to this realm I took copious notes in my iphone which was on my night stand. After meditating the morning of 11/11/11, I felt guided to share this vision with our members in the form of a mass email. I got sooooo many responses from that email that I decided to post it on the site. I feel that this vision is waking up deep seeded cellular (and probably DNA) memories for those that read it, feel it and connect with it. I share this with unconditional love and a knowingness that we are all FAMILY. In-JOY! Here is the vision I was given: Everyone on the planet...